Rome at Night
Let's face it, most traveller's to Rome aren't going for the club scene. Rome is not London or even Paris when it comes to nightlife. For most Romans, a good night out means a leisurely dinner with friends that starts at 9PM and goes on until midnight. However, that said, you can find things to do and place to relax in Rome.

Finding Out What's Happening
Your best bet is to pick up a copy of Roma C'è, a weekly that's published on Wednesday and covers the week in movies, museum exhibitions, concerts, and events. Trovaroma also provides listings as does Time Out Roma You can also get a copy of Guest in Rome which is free at most hotels. If you're interested in the arts, pick up a copy of Wanted in Rome at a news stand.

The Bar Scene
The best bars have tables outside for sitting and watching the world go by. The best areas for bars - Campo dei Fiori, the Piazza Navona area, and Trastevere. If you want to hook-up with other tourists or socially agressive Romans, we're told the new and expanding Irish pubs are for you.

Drinking age in Italy is 16 and bars stay open until midnight (2AM in the summer) making for an open scene, but for the most part Romans are more about making the scene than drinking to excess. Do, however, be on the lookout for drivers that have had a bit too much. We list a few bars mentioned in other guides, but there are too many to list. They vary in size, atmosphere and quality. Look, listen and adventure!

If nightclubs or discos are your scene Testaccio is it. Around Piramide metro station and down toward Via Ostiense you will find a cluster of clubs except in the summer when the scene heads for the seaside and coastal villages. We're told that the clubs scene is dominated by house music and many of them have "gay nights" on Tuesdays or Fridays, so check with your hotel desk for futher guidance.

Gilda, Via Mario dei Fiori 97
Goa, Via Libetta 13
Alien, Via Velletri 13-19
Alibi, Via Monte Testaccio 39
Zoobar, Via Monte Testaccio 22

Jazz Venues
Big Mama, Vicolo di San Francesco a Ripa 18
Fonclea, Via Crescenzio 82A
La Palma, Via Giuseppe Mirri, 35
Caffè Caruso, Via Monte Testaccio 36
Villaggio Globale, Ex-Mattatoio, Lungotevere Testaccio

Alternative Music
Brancaleone, Via Levanna 11,
Circolo degli Artisti, Via Casilina Vecchia 42

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